Software Technologies

The Encore Semi software engineering community delivers both commercial-grade software and reference code, depending on the objective of the project. Focus is on using technologies, languages and tools related to low-level software, including specialized firmware, optimized ring 0 drivers/bare metal software or optimized middleware and embedded software in general.

A specialized team is dedicated to the development, implementation and testing/validation of complete enterprise storage solutions, for various controllers and various storage media. A complete stack development experience, including security modules and specific testing and compliance assessment capability are available for customers to leverage.

In addition, scripting as well as data models, data base architecture and data base management technologies are broadly used in projects to bring automation or optimization.

The key languages are:

  • C/C++
  • Linux
  • Greenhills
  • Javascript, Python, Perl

Both traditional V-cycle and Agile development techniques are used to assure efficient delivery. Advanced Versioning, repository and release management tools such as GIT, JIRA are mastered.

Expertise has been developed to support hardware-software co-development, and co-verification, either in a pre-silicon context using emulation techniques, or in a post-silicon environment, using reference designs or product solutions.