RF/AMS Design

The engineering community of Encore Semi is used to provide all sorts of engineering solutions to support RF and Analog Mixed-Signal (AMS) design projects. We also leverage our ecosystem and partners when necessary to assure the expected results.

Solid experience has been acquired in the development of RF/Analog Integrated Circuits for the Wireless market (terminals or infrastructure), or High Speed Interfaces (PHY) for Networking, Telecom, Computing (HPC) or storage (DDR, SSD) applications.

Custom engineering solutions can be put in place to support the following types of projects:

  • RF / Analog layout
  • RF / AMS SoC integration (modeling / mixed-mode verification / physical implementation)
  • Complete RF/AMS IC design (from specification or architecture to product delivery)

Project Examples

High-Speed Serdes (FinFET) – Design & Layout 

  • Full custom design and layout on a family of SerDes IP, including 25G and beyond
  • Optimization of circuit blocks such as clock distribution, PLLs, RX, TX
  • Overcome specific layout challenges related to FinFET and dual-patterning
  • Tools including Spectre, Virtuoso, Calibre, ICV

 5G RF Chipset  – RF/Analog Layout

  • Layout of a RF Chipset using a mix of 130 nm RFSOI and 40 nm CMOS technologies
  • Highly integrated 5G SDR multi-band chip set, including multiple variations
  • Layout and physical verification of many RF/analog functions such as PAs, LNAs, Mixers, VCOs, Data Converters, biasing,…..
  • Tools including Virtuoso, Calibre and specific RF-centric tools

Multi-Band Wireless Transceiver – AMS Verification

  • Development and deployment a broad AMS verification methodology and environment to assure best coverage and fast verification of a Multi-Band Wireless transceiver roadmap, implementing a metric-driven approach.
  • Behavioral Modeling, real-number modeling and heterogeneous mixed-mode co-simulations
  • Using Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS, System-Verilog, Cadence AIUM mixed-signal flow