Engineering Resource Success Stories

Our History

Encore Semi, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a few semiconductor experts, as a continuation of QThink IC Design activity, after its merger with RapidBridge and the follow up acquisition by Qualcomm Inc.

From a humble start, supporting QThink IC Design’s customers, the company has progressively grown and evolved to a mid-size engineering services business. Encore Semi is now recognized for high-quality of its services, positive impact of its engineers on customers’ projects and roadmaps, and for its ability to rapidly assemble teams of experts, in support of the dynamic market demand.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Encore Semi has established multiple Centers of Expertise across the US in support of the semiconductor markets and the fabless electronics system makers. Our engineering community is continuously growing and cumulates several years of experience, with an exposure to the most advanced technologies.

We are engaged with many of the large semiconductor and fabless electronic firms in the US who trust us to help them accelerate, optimize and certify their projects. Since day one, Encore Semi has been profitable and balancing its structure to enable its growth and internal investments without any external funding.

Our Values

Encore Semi, Inc. has solid roots and values, built from the experience and the spirit of its leadership team. Three pillars:

  • Collaboration and trust
  • Reliable expertise
  • Return on Investment

Collaboration and trust:

Whether you are a customer, an employee or a partner of Encore Semi, you can trust we will bring value with a collaborative spirit. We believe leveraging the power of cooperation allows us to deliver more than the sum of the individual contributions. Consistently, while building trust and long-term partnerships, we proactively build up and expand our Centers of Expertise in support of our customer’s roadmap. Our teams work hand-to-hand with customer’s teams to assure minimum development effort and best leverage of the existing customer knowledge base and established environment.

Similarly, our employees can rely on Encore Semi to provide multiple opportunities for personal and professional development while working with highly skilled experts on customers projects and by contributing to internal collaborative initiatives.

Ultimately, building win-win partnerships is the core value of Encore Semi. We enthusiastically explore ways of combining strength to serve a common purpose and offer the highest value to the market. These partnerships allow Encore Semi to provide engineering services solutions for large projects, including the support of international activities.

Reliable expertise:

We are active contributors to the rapidly evolving high-tech semiconductor and electronics market. Our engineering community is working hand-to-hand with the key industry leaders. We are exposed to the latest technologies and know how to overcome the associated challenges: FinFet or FDSOI processes, many-core HPC architectures, super-high-performance enterprise SSD firmware, Functional Safety (ISO 26262) compliance, Advanced Mixed-Signal Verification, UVM Design Verification methodologies, complex chip-level timing closure, Silicon Photonics design, etc.

Encore Semi constantly monitors the evolution and emerging solutions in the technical domains we focus on. We proactively invest in building Centers of Expertise, led by recognized technical leaders, and support our customers in their race for market leadership.

Experts with entrepreneurial mindsets join us to contribute to exciting projects and leverage their skills in advanced and challenging environments, and consequently building up the Centers of Expertise. We crystalize this expertise in an internally-developed Value-Added Solution & Tools (VAST) portfolio that can be used by our engineering community to increase productivity and secure the highest quality.

Return on Investment:

Our formula for success is based on entrepreneurial strategies focused on Return on Investment (ROI).

  • ROI for our customers
  • ROI for our employees
  • ROI for Encore Semi, Inc. and its shareholders

Encore Semi strives to have a visible positive impact on the value and development cost of the customer projects. By combining a collaborative approach with a reliable expertise and the VAST portfolio we assure best-in-class development cost, fastest time-to-delivery, and product differentiation. Our customers can enjoy a robust Return on Investment from early time to market, best leverage of their assets and high-quality of the collaboratively developed products or solutions.

Encore Semi employees constantly make great efforts to equally deliver high impact to customer projects and actively participate to the development of our Centers of Expertise (CoE) and our Value-Added Solutions & Tools (VAST) portfolio. We reward our employees efforts by sharing the generated value in the form of monetary compensation, bonuses and stock-options.

Selecting the right areas to focus, gathering the best talents, developing the greatest solutions & tools, and ensuring seamless support and execution of customer projects allow Encore Semi’s Return on Investment, financial robustness, growth and increased valuation.