Encore Semi and Trusted Semi partner to provide “Concept to Production Part” integrated circuit development services to the Aerospace and Defense Market





SAN DIEGO, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With over 45 years of combined advanced IC development expertise, Encore Semi and Trusted Semi have partnered to establish a world class engineering infrastructure to provide “Concept to Production Part” services for the aerospace and defense market.

Historically, aerospace and defense companies relied predominately on ASIC technology to support their semiconductor needs. With technology advancements in FPGA’s, all, or most of, these ASIC designs have been replaced by FPGA-based solutions. This move to FPGA-based solutions has left aerospace and defense companies without the expertise in the latest ASIC design methodologies, EDA tools, and advanced packaging technologies needed for state-of-the-art ASICs and custom microelectronics.

“Today’s FPGA solutions require the same rigorous design and verification methodologies as the most advanced SoCs,” said Encore Semi Chairman, Behrooz Abdi. “Encore Semi’s experience in executing 100+ integrated circuit designs for low power wireless and wireline communication applications enables us to deliver complex advanced node SoCs required by the aerospace and defense industry.”

Moreover, aerospace and defense missions require best-in-class microelectronics (digital, analog, mixed signal, and RF) with low SWAP-P, utilizing on-shore US resources to meet US Government ITAR and Trusted requirements. Al Hurst, CEO of Trusted Semi is well acquainted with these requirements. “This partnership with Encore Semi brings added expertise in mixed signal IC and ASIC design down to 7nm which strengthens Trusted Semi’s existing IC design, advanced IC packaging, Trusted manufacturing, and radiation effects analysis and mitigation capabilities,” he said. “The focus is on advanced microelectronic solutions supporting the US Government with its mission critical needs.”

Encore Semi, Inc. has a long history in advanced IC design services (20 years) servicing a variety of Tier 1 customers via project based / turnkey support as well consulting and augmentation. Encore Semi’s strong technical management team come from industry (Intel, Maxlinear, Unisys and Cadence Design Services) with proven experience building and managing teams focused on advanced SOC design down to 7nm FinFET technology. For more information about the company and its services visit www.encoresemi.com or contact Encore Semi’s sales via contact@encoresemi.com.

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions averages over 25 years of engineering experience in integrated circuit design, radiation hardening of microelectronics, and semiconductor manufacturing, with expertise in delivering high-reliability semiconductors and electronic products. Founded in 2006, Trusted Semiconductor Solutions has been designing, manufacturing, testing, and qualifying microelectronics for high-reliability military/defense, aerospace, and industrial applications using state-of-the-art ITAR and Trusted technologies. Trusted’s expertise enables solutions for next-generation systems as well as sustainment of mission-critical systems. We leverage multiple commercial technologies to achieve best-in-class performance in extreme environments. For more information about the company and its services visit www.trustedsemi.com or contact Trusted via info@trustedsemi.com.

Together Encore Semi and Trusted Semi offer the Aerospace and Defense market state-of-the-art technology and expertise in a one stop shop solution for a variety of “Concept to Production Part” solutions.