Post-silicon validation

Encore Semi supports various post-silicon activities. Engineers with specific application, protocols or vertical market experience can be assigned to perform post-silicon validation and characterization. Development of lab test-benches and overall test strategy, collecting data from both manual probes and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), analyzing it with advanced statistical techniques and tools, allow to provide timely and precious feedback to the product and design teams.

A specific emphasis and expertise have been put on the following applications and associated protocols:

  • Storage
  • Networking
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • RF/Microwave
  • Automotive

In support of the characterization of new products, a special expertise have been developed to design complex lab test strategies allowing multi-equipment measurements to be performed 24/7, despite failures and rejects. Custom automation scripts are developed to adjust the test & characterization sequences according to the measured result, preventing the testing process to stall.