Technologies and Tools

Encore Semi provides engineering services and solutions to the semiconductor and the electronics industry, using the most advanced technologies and tools. This includes the following:

Customers can rely on our engineers to master the leading-edge methods, tools and technologies, and bring the highest value and visible impact to their projects. Homegrown Value-Added Solution & Tools (VAST) are also key enablers to minimize the effort and the technical risks, ensuring best time-to-market.

Value-Added Solutions & Tools (VAST)

Encore Semi is regularly developing Value-added Solutions & Tools (VAST), with the purpose to increase the productivity and the efficiency of its teams. This internal development is continuously enriched.

These tools and solutions are the property and assets of Encore Semi, and our customers indirectly take advantage of it through the services we deliver. Our engineers optimize the execution of customer projects by using these homegrown tools and solutions. Examples of our tools are:

Generator of Integration Logic (GIL): A library of configurable scripts able to automatically generate most of the RTL glue logic required for the integration of an ASIC or SoC. It can save up to 70% of the initial RTL generation work.

IP Safety Policy Framework: A series of documents that can be leveraged and configured to rapidly generate a custom “Safety Policy” for a specific ecosystem. This is saving up to 75% of effort to generate a custom safety policy. It allows for a massive R&D cost saving when integrating various external IPs to build a safety-ready SoC or an ASIC.