Services and Solutions

For semiconductor product companies, OEMs developing IP or SoC, or subsystem vendors, Encore Semi provides custom engineering solutions to accelerate projects, optimize performance and mitigate risks.

Our goal is to bring visible value and positive impact to our customers by providing custom engineering service solutions tailored to achieve specific results, deliverables and milestones.

  • Want to accelerate your SoC, IP or SW project?
  • Won a new project but do not have the staff how to execute?
  • Want to explore/deploy new technologies or methodologies?
  • Need to customize your product?
  • Need to qualify or certify your product for functional safety?
  • Want to rapidly develop a derivative product?
  • Want to help your customers adopt and integrate your IP?
  • Have a lot of legacy to reuse but limited documentation?
  • Want to outsource but have no final spec to hand-over?
  • Want to keep control of your outsourced design or project?

The engineering community of Encore Semi is used to provide all sorts of engineering solutions to support customer projects and roadmaps. Custom engineering support solutions are shaped leveraging our Centers of Expertise (CoE) resources and our ability to rapidly staff up and deploy project teams at the right time and the right location. Our highly experienced engineering managers select the resources to be assigned, assure alignment with the project context and assure they achieve the goals, deliveries and milestones expected by our customers. When relevant, internally developed productivity tools are leveraged by our engineers to ensure we deliver the best solutions.

Our engineering teams are aligning to the customer context and design flows to minimize the overall development effort, prevent knowledge or delivery transfer issues, and leverage what is already existing within the customer environment.