Engineering Resource Success Stories




One of the U.S.’s largest ASIC and silicon fabrication companies

Encore Semi is providing augmentation services to one of the largest ASIC and silicon fabrication companies in the U.S. Our customer is working in advanced technology nodes down to 14nm FinFET, aimed at high production volumes. The designs are complex System-on-Chip implementations that require a well thought-out design process and may necessitate custom tool solutions.

Our customer has a worldwide engineering organization that is managed out of design centers in many locations in the U.S. and internationally. Because of fluctuations in project load and a need for specially trained, experienced engineers, it must quickly employ engineers who can augment the engineering organization. These engineers need to be trained on the customer’s tool set, which is unique because of the leading-edge technologies in use.

Encore Semi worked with the customer to get a detailed understanding of the problem at hand, and then we quickly searched our internal engineering organization for a match of the required engineering skill set. We also performed an external search where needed. In all cases, the engineers selected had prior experience with the customer’s methodology and tool set. Using engineers with this existing knowledge allowed for a quick project ramp-up. The engineering skills supplied to this customer include static timing analysis (STA) and timing closure of for new designs, on-chip and package noise analysis using the custom tool set, physical design including floorplanning, and place and route for 50M+ gate designs. Encore Semi was also selected to supply methodology development for the next-generation technology in the areas of design for test (DFT) and STA.

Using Encore Semi resources allows our customer to keep or accelerate project schedules with all the associated time-to-market benefits. When required, we also match the location of the Encore Semi engineers with the most convenient client design center location, allowing for great teambuilding and information exchange. We continue to build this team with additional resources as needed and extend the capabilities of the existing engineers with customer-centric training.